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AARC Clinical simulations offered. Contact the AARC (972-243-2272, or for more information.
  Branching Logic Simulations ClinSim simulations on respiratory and critical care topics, including weaning and COPD mechanical ventilation.
California College for Health Sciences CE 6428: Pediatric and Neonatal Ventilation, CE 6426: Mechanical Ventilation, CE6409: Control of Ventilation, among others. Home-based CE courses on respiratory therapy.
Critical Concepts, Inc. Physiology simulation (Simbiosys Physiology Labs) with a basic ventilator model
    SimBioSys Physiology Labs and Labs Plus experiment with a simulated living, breathing patient.
    SimBioSys ABG is a revolutionary method of learning ABGs. It is a structured, interactive course covering blood gases and acid-base balance.
    SimBioSys Clinics (v2) allows you to explore human physiology in a clinical setting. Up to 20 hours of CME (for physicians) available. Institute for Continuing Education offers a wide selection of courses with CEUs in respiratory care, both in traditional forms and online. Example subjects are "Neonatal and Pediatric Pulmonary Care," "Lung Sounds," and "Inhaled Nitric Oxide Therapy."
  DataStar Education Systems and Services Multimedia medical education for respiratory therapists and other healthcare professionals
Demers Consulting Services

Bob Demers, BS, RRT, offers his "CE on CD" series

    Radical Respiratory Tour See respiratory anatomy/physiology from a whole new perspective as Bob Demers, BS, RRT, teaches the principles of operation of CT scans, SPECT scans, and scintigraphs.
    Humidification/Filtration Systems. Do so-called "bacterial/viral filters" really work as advertised? What about the combination filters/HMEs that have flooded the market in recent years? Learn how you can protect yourself, while enhancing the safety of your mechanically ventilated patients, and simultaneously save your hospital money.
    Using an Interactive Protocol as a Preceptorsí Assistant to Teach Arterial Blood Gas Interpretation This module develops and describes powerful protocol-based techniques, as well as computer-linked tools, to make the task of clinical training easier for senior preceptors.
    more titles...
  F.A. Davis Clinical Simulations in Respiratory Care, by Thomas Barnes, EdD, RRT.
Michener Institute for Applied Health Sciences Ventilator Waveform Analysis programs, Approved for 5 hours AARC CRCE
  BESIM 3.0 Realistic mathematical and visual simulators of the Servo 300A, Servo 900C, and Evita 2. Available in German and English.
  Prost Educational Products Virtual Ventilators -- Interactive Lessons on Mechanical Ventilation©
Structured lessons and exercises by Allan Prost, RRT, with computer simulated ventilators to help respiratory therapy students learn the fundamentals of ventilator control and patient parameter interactions.
RC Educational Consulting Services, Inc. Home study courses on basic and advanced respiratory care.
  Sleep Multimedia Computerized textbook of Sleep Medicine
SUMMETRIC Interactive Software Interactive equipment tutorials, such as for the 7200, and clinical simulations.
  University of Minnesota, Dept. of Pediatrics The Mechanical Ventilation Simulator. Illustrates some differences between pressure-limited, time-cycled (pressure control) ventilation and volume-limited, time-cycled (volume control) ventilation.
  UTMB Galveston, John Nilsestuen and Ken Hargett Ventilator Graphics and digital image library of vent graphics
Understanding Ventilator Graphics is an extensive animated PowerPoint 97 presentation that illustrates the basics of Ventilator graphics and details clinical applications of the various components of graphics available on current generation ventilators.
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