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Case Study Guidelines

Amethyst Research and VentWorld welcome new, unusual, and informative case studies that are provocative in nature. We will share them with our viewers worldwide, and hope to create dialogue within the global ventilator community regarding ventilator management.
VentWorld reserves the right to accept or reject such case studies based on review by our advisory staff. We reserve the right to edit all documents for grammar.

Case Studies should be submitted as an attached file, preferably a Microsoft Word document, to email sent to The email should include the name and title of the person submitting the study, institution, address, telephone number, fax number, email address, and any other contact information.

Please consider the following guidelines for your submissions:

I. TITLE SHOULD BE TYPED IN ALL CAPITAL LETTERS, should not contain any abbreviations, should clearly define the topic you are presenting, and should be concise.
II. Author & Institution Primary Author (full name) followed by contributing Authors, Institutions, City, State, and Country.
III. Introduction Typically a single informational paragraph, with the patient's age, sex, and initial diagnosis, and a brief description of what is about to be presented. Include ventilator brand and initial settings.
IV. Case Presentation A detailed account of the patient's progress on a daily basis. Include the ventilator management, and any applicable tests with results during that time.
V. Discussion Review and explain the findings and results observed during the course of therapy / treatment.
VI. Conclusion A judgment or recommendation based on the observations and discoveries from the case being studied.
VII. References Cite these consecutively in the text, numbered in parentheses, and list them in numerical order. The order of references must correspond correctly with the numerical citations in the text. Each reference should contain, in order, the following: first three authors (last name, initials) followed by et al, title of article (lower case, no quotation marks), source, year of publication, volume, and inclusive page numbers. Abbreviations of journal names should conform to Index Medicus style.
VIII. Attachments Graphs, illustrations, images, X-rays, test results, etc. are encouraged. Acceptable formats are GIF, PNG, JPEG, TIFF, and PowerPoint presentations.
For more specific information about VentWorld Case Studies, please write to us at

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