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Patient Organizations
International Ventilator Users Network .Support and news for the ventilator-dependent community and the healthcare professionals that serve them. IVUN publishes a quarterly issue, IVUN News
Breethezy Respiratory education for improving communication between healthcare professionals and vent users; Barbara Rogers, the director of this program, has compiled useful information for the health professional and the patient, both from her own experience and that of friends and colleagues in the field.
International Polio Network (IPN)
Japanese Ventilator Users Network
The Baku Baku Club Japanese Ventilator Users Parents Association
Australian Ventilator Users Network
Paraplegic & Quadriplegic Association of Queensland
European Alliance of Neuromuscular Disorders Associations (EAMDA) 7-11 Prescott Place, London SW4 6BS. Phone +44 171 720 8055; Fax: +44 171 498 0670; email:
Association des Insuffisants Respiratoires
Muskelsvindfonden (Denmark)
Spinal Injuries Association
Lihastautiliitto ry (Muscular Dystrophy, Finland)
Journees Internationales de Ventilation a Domicile (JVD) Lyon, France.
Muscular Dystrophy Ireland +353 1 872 1501; fax:+353 1 872 4482
Citizens for Independence in Living and Breathing Toronto, Ontario, Canada
ALS Association
National Association for Ventilator-Dependent Individuals (NAVDI) In Cleveland. Email:
National Association of Pediatric Home and Community Care Email:
National Spinal Cord Injury Association
PCA-HHA Connects homecare medical professionals with people in need of such services.
HealthGate Health information and procedures in non-technical language
Medical Industry Conference Calendar 9th Annual calendar (for fee) lists almost 2,000 events worldwide in areas such as medical equipment and respiratory care.
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