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What it does...

Amethyst Research's Purchasing Decision Tool is (web-based) graphic, interactive, user-friendly software that helps you make the best choice when making large capital equipment purchases. It doesn't make the decision for you but helps you organize your thinking so you consider all of the factors you think are important. Thus, it helps you clearly define criteria for the decision, lets you make the decision more intelligently, and gives you back up for the decision when explaining it to others, particularly for justifying your decision to your purchasing agent and management.

The Tool is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, anytime you are ready and you have access to the Internet. No special licenses or per workstation charges, and you know you are always getting the most up-to-date version of the program and access to the most current set of expert decision templates to help guide the purchase decision process.

How it works...

The Tool employs a model that takes your experience and intuitive thinking and translates them in a logical, graphical way into quantitative measures of relative importance in the decision-making process. Without having to learn complex theories, struggle with intricate and rigid procedures, or work complicated formulas, you organize the myriad of often unrelated considerations that must be accounted for and which are not easily kept straight in your head.

Basically, you determine the criteria for judging candidate products, or draw from templates prepared by experts, then evaluate ('rank') products based on those criteria. You also determine ('weight') the relative influence of each criterion, for example, Costs should be 50% of the decision, Technical Features 30%, and Customer Support 20%.

Using the weightings and rankings, the software assigns a score to each of the alternatives you must decide among. The alternative that has the highest score is the best choice. The decision tool recalculates the decision results whenever you make a change in any of the input information, and reminds you if you neglect to enter appropriate information or enter it incorrectly. You can easily change the weightings and rankings to examine "what if" scenarios to investigate the influence the various factors and subfactors have on the optimum choice.

What it looks like...
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What you need to make a decision...

The heart of this application are the decision templates that we provide to help you organize product evaluation, gain consensus, and make a purchase decision. Each template comes with information to help you with the evaluation of a specific class of products.

Typically, before you are ready to use the online Tool, you will have:

  • Collected product ratings from your product evaluation committee
  • Computed collective candidate product ratings according to the the
  • Determined cost information from vendors' responses to your RFP.

Since you can save your work at any time and you can access your work from anyplace on the Internet, you may want to try out the Purchasing Decision Tool even before you have completed these steps and are ready to make a final decision.

Technical requirements

The Purchasing Decision Tool requires:

  • Microsoft Internet Explorer, version 4 or above
  • Macromedia Flash version 5. The program will prompt you to download this small plug-in if you do not already have it installed in your browser.
How to buy

You can gain access to our software on a monthly basis buy purchasing a users license at out store by clicking here.

For a limited time only, we are offering the pre-release version of the Purchasing Decision Tool for free to subscribers. Send us an email and we'll give you a special access code to try out the Tool. We know you're going to find it invaluable!

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