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The Glossary contains terms commonly associated with ventilators, the community, and respiratory physiology. Click on a hyperlinked letter to view the entries that begin with that letter, then scroll down in the window to find the word you are looking for.

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Backup Rate A default controlled breathing rate delivered by the ventilator in the event that its primary control circuits fail. (See Backup Ventilation.)
Backup Ventilation A default set of ventilator settings activated when the primary control circuits fail. Typically a hardwired analog circuit takes over when a microprocessor in a digitally-controlled system crashes.
Barotrauma Injury to the lungs due to local over-inflation caused by high distending pressure in the intrapulmonary airways.
Base Flow (also Bias Flow) A minimum continuous flow introduced into the patient circuit at all times.
Bias Flow (See Base Flow.)
BiPAP Bilevel Positive Airway Pressure - A mode of operation in which the breathing circuit from which the patient breathes spontaneously is maintained at one pressure during exhalation and a higher pressure during inspiration.
Boyle's Law For a given mass of gas at a constant temperature, the pressure of the gas is inversely proportional to the volume occupied by the gas.
Breathing Circuit (See Patient Circuit.)
Breathing Rate BR - (See Frequency (of Breathing)).
Bronchodilator A drug that widens the air passages of the lungs and eases breathing by relaxing bronchial smooth muscle.
Bronchoscope A device used to look into the intrapulmonary airways; may be flexible utilizing fiber optics to carry the image, or rigid, essentially a narrow metal tube with lenses at each end.
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