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The Glossary contains terms commonly associated with ventilators, the community, and respiratory physiology. Click on a hyperlinked letter to view the entries that begin with that letter, then scroll down in the window to find the word you are looking for.

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ECG Electrocardiogram (also EKG).
ED Emergency Department; Emergency Room
EKG Electrocardiogram (also ECG).
EMS Emergency Medical Service.
Endotracheal Tube (See ET Tube.)
EPAP Expiratory positive airway pressure - Airway pressure remains above ambient during the expiratory phase of the breath.
ER Emergency Room; Emergency Department
ET tube Endotracheal Tube - A flexible conduit that is inserted through the mouth and the larynx into the trachea to provide an airway to the bronchial tree. It can have, around its distal end, an inflatable cuff which, when inflated, provides a seal between its outside surface and the lumen of the trachea (cuffed), or it may have no such cuff (uncuffed).
Exhalation Valve A device that closes to direct the gas flowing in the breathing circuit into the patient's lungs during in the inspiratory phase of a machine breath and opens to relieve the pressure in the circuit and permit exhalation of gas through the circuit to the atmosphere.
Expiratory Hold That portion of the expiratory phase immediately preceding the initiating of the next breath during which flow is continuously zero.
Expiratory Pause Time (TEP) The time interval between the cessation of expiratory flow to the start of the inspiratory phase of the next breath.
Expiratory Phase The portion of a breath from the beginning of expiration to the beginning of inspiration of the next breath.
Expiratory Sub-Ambient Pressure Airway pressure is less than ambient during the expiratory phase of the breath.
Expiratory Time (TE) (also Expiratory Phase Time) - The time from the start of expiratory flow to the start of inspiratory flow.
Extended Self Test A set of pre-use tests performed by the ventilator on itself and requiring limited intervention by the operator.
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