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The Glossary contains terms commonly associated with ventilators, the community, and respiratory physiology. Click on a hyperlinked letter to view the entries that begin with that letter, then scroll down in the window to find the word you are looking for.

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Henderson-Hasselbalch equation Relation among pH, bicarbonate ion concentration and free CO2 in a solution. (See Henderson-Hasselbalch Equation in "Tools of the Trade" under "Resources")
HFJV High Frequency Jet Ventilation - A type of high-frequency ventilation in which gas is delivered into the airway as a pulsating stream from a small diameter catheter passed through the endotracheal tube.
HFOV High Frequency Oscillatory Ventilation - A type of high-frequency ventilation in which the applied high frequency expiratory pressure and delivered volume are negative relative to their base line values.
HFV High Frequency Ventilation - A form of ventilatory support characterized by breathing frequencies in excess of 80 breaths per minute and tidal volumes on the order of the anatomical dead space.
High Pressure Relief Valve (safety valve) A device that prevents the pressure in the patient circuit from exceeding a preset limit by venting excess flow to the atmosphere.
High Priority Alarm A combination of audible and visual signals indicating that immediate operator response is required.
HME Heat and Moisture Exchanger - A passive device designed to collect and hold some of the heat and moisture from the patient's exhaled breath, and to return them to the inspired gas mixture during inspiration.
Humidifier A device that adds water in the form of vapor to a gas mixture.
Humidity The amount of water vapor contained in a given volume of air.
Hz Hertz - Unit of frequency , cycles per second (cps).
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