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The Glossary contains terms commonly associated with ventilators, the community, and respiratory physiology. Click on a hyperlinked letter to view the entries that begin with that letter, then scroll down in the window to find the word you are looking for.

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I:E Ratio Inspiratory time: Expiratory Ratio - The ratio of inspiratory phase time to expiratory phase time. By convention a one is in the numerator or denominator such that neither the numerator nor the denominator of the resulting fraction is a number less than one. For example: 1:2, 1:4.5, 3:1, 1:1.
ICU Intensive Care Unit
Ideal Gas Law A relation among the four thermodynamic variables [Volume (V), absolute temperature (T), pressure (P), and mass, given in moles (n)] that govern the behavior of an ideal gas. This relation has the following form: PV = nRT in which R is the universal gas constant.
Impedance A complex number that expresses the combined effects of resistance, compliance and inertance on sinusoidally-varying breathing variables at a given frequency. The combination of the latter two parameters incorporates the frequency into a term called the reactance.
IMV Intermittent Mandatory Ventilation - A ventilator operating mode that permits spontaneous breathing in the interval between preset ventilator-assisted breaths.
Inertance (I) The constant of proportionality between the pressure difference across a mass and the acceleration of the volume it displaces as it moves. Typically associated with the mass of the gas in the airways and the mass of the airway walls and surrounding parenchyma, all of which undergo volume accelerations during high frequency ventilation.
Inspiratory Triggering Response Time The time delay from the satisfaction of the trigger condition to the initiation of an assisted breath.
Inspiratory (Phase)Time (TI) The time for the inspiratory phase of a breath.
Inspiratory Pause Time (TIP) The time interval from the cessation of inspiratory flow to the start of expiratory flow.
Inspiratory Phase The portion of a breath from the beginning of inspiration to the beginning of expiration.
Inspiratory Pressure The pressure that is produced in the patient circuit causing inspiratory flow.
Inspiratory Relief Valve unidirectional valve that permits air to flow to the patient during a spontaneous breath in which the inspiratory flow available from the ventilator is inadequate.
Inspiratory Triggering Flow A set level of flow that must be drawn into the patient airway by the patient to initiate the inspiratory phase of a ventilator-assisted breath (See Trigger Flow.)
Inspiratory Triggering Pressure (See Trigger Pressure.)
Inspiratory Triggering Volume The volume of gas that must be inspired by the patient to trigger an assisted breath.
Inspiratory Work of Breathing (See Work of Breathing.)
IPAP Inspiratory Positive Airway Pressure - Airway pressure maintained above ambient during inspiratory phase of the breath.
ISO 9000 Standards dictating the establishment and maintenance of quality systems in the design and manufacture of products.
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