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Email Lists (Listservs)
John Hannigan's RC World
Respiratory Care HomeWork List (RC_HMWK-L) Address: LISTSERV@IUPUI.EDU, Body message: sub RC_HMWK-L YourFirstName YourLastName, Addt'l Help:
Respiratory Talk Many interactive forums about respiratory care, administered by Harry Dugan
Dr. Don Elton's PUL MED Address:, Body message: subscribe pul-med
Heather Hill Hospital Vent-Weaning Discussion Discussion on issues of weaning from ventilators. Discussion is for patients and caregivers.
Hyberbaric Oxygen Therapy Address:, Body message: subscribe (your email address)
iNO-l (I-N-O-L: Inhaled Nitric Oxide List) Address:, Body message: subscribe iNO-l (your email address)
NICU-NET Address:, Body message: subscribe nicu-net yourname yourtitle
Pediatric Lung List Address:, Body message: subscribe ped-lung
RT Chatter Address:
RespTher Address:
Siemens Servo Forum Address:, Body message: subscribe siemens-servo-forum

Listservs: Vent Users & Family
International Ventilator Users Network International Ventilator Users Network is a worldwide network of ventilator users and health professionals interested in home care and longterm mechanical ventilation. IVUN is a forum for ventilator users, pulmonologists, pediatricians, respiratory therapists, and ventilator suppliers to discuss problems and solutions of home ventilation. IVUN publishes a quarterly newsletter that is available by subscription.
Vent Users List Discussion list to facilitate communication among people who require a ventilator to breathe, run by James Lubin
Vent Users Support Page Resources of interest and support information for the ventilator-dependent patient
Heather Hill Hospital Vent Discussion Online discussion forum for patients, family, and caregivers on topics and questions relating to mechanical ventilation.
CenterWatch - Clinical Trials Listings Listings and resources devoted to clinical trials for patients and healthcare professionals
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