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We strive to make your access to ventilator and community information as effortless as possible. We are always happy to correspond with our community if you need help in accessing features or functions of this site. This page outlines some common problems users have experienced, and answers our staff has provided. As with other any other area of VentWorld, if you don't see it, ask us for it by writing to us at (or click on the underlined email address to open your mail program)!
Getting Started
To get an overview of the contents of VentWorld, we suggest visiting our SITE MAP first. This will show you a rough outline of the categories of information and features on VentWorld.
Newsletter Registration

As a service to the community, VentWorld publishes a free, monthly newsletter to those who register with us. Registration is completely free and takes only a few minutes. We also will email you periodically with late-breaking news and events. You can elect to receive information from suppliers with ventilator-related products, or, if privacy is your concern, you can choose not to share your information with those companies.

There are many opportunities to sign up for the newsletter on VentWorld. Look for the animated lungs and rib cage, and click on it. Also, if you go into the NEWSLETTER area, you'll have the opportunity to register directly from that page.

The registration process requires you to choose a unique login identification and a password. We suggest using your email address as your login id, but you can choose any alphanumeric sequence or words you choose. If someone already has registered with that ID, VentWorld will tell you and ask that you choose a different ID.

Changing Your User Profile
You need your password to access and update information about you, such as your email address, your mailing address, your organization, etc. On each page, at the right of the screen near the top, along the navigation bar, or, on the home page, underneath the animated lungs, you can click EDIT PROFILE, which will take you to the screens for changing your profile settings.
Password lost?
If you forget your password, simply write to us at and we'll email it to the email address we have on file for you. Alternatively, re-register yourself under a new login ID, then write to us to let us know you've switched. Even if you don't write to us, we will remove your name from our database if we see it is duplicated there or we consistently encounter problems with getting you the newsletter.

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